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Miacis were the first ancestors of modern animals we known today as the dogs, coyotes, wolves, foxes, jackals, and even cats.

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The origin of all Inus
The Miacis

1. Miacis

The common ancestor of dog and bear (60 million years ago)

2. Cynodictis

Grandfather of all dog family

First "Bear-dog"

4. Lycaon

African wild hunting dog

5. Tomarctus

Immediate ancestor of dog family as we know it

6. Borophagus

Early North American hyaena-like off-shoot.

7. Canis Lupus

The Grey Wolf is the one, the one that is the direct ancestor of our dogs, all of them, from teacup Chihuahuas to Great Danes, from Alaskan Malamutes to Arabian Salukis.



Total Supply: 1,000,000,000


Taxes: 5% - 5%


Circulating supply will automatically burned over time.


Illustrations are here to stay. They’re a beautiful way to depict diverse folks from all walks of life, living in their truth.

Olivia Clutz
The Community

This is a community based token. It is up to the community to come together to let everyone know where Shiba Inu’s and all their favorite dogs came from.

Miacis is based off factual scientific evidence from fossils studied with extensive research, and is apart of all history as we know it. There are many articles and history books that state that Miacis is the ancient ancestor of many animals on earth. From Dogs to Cats, Miacis is the King, and none of these animals would exist today without evolving from Miacis. So now everyone welcome Miacis, from the Paleocene Epoch to the Ethereum Blockchain Miacis is here to stay.

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Frequent community contests to win Miacis descendant coins like Doge/Shiba and more.

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Win some extra tokens with our community games and our upcoming P2E game.

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